Our Mission

The mission of the Caribbean Breast Cancer Foundation is to support women, and men, who have been affected by breast cancer, and educate and provide preventive resources to those who have not been impacted by the disease.

Our Vision

To enhance the health and wellbeing of men and women by promoting literacy and charitable services to those who have been stricken by breast cancer, and wellness through education and early detection among those who have not been affected by cancer. It is our goal that beneficiaries of our program will achieve/maintain an optimal health and successfully avert the negative outcomes of breast cancer, as well as significantly reducing the incidence of the disease by adhering to the preventive measures necessary.

We strive to make a difference in the lives of women, and men, and their families.

CBCF is committed to helping women get well and stay well. CBCF will not ignore the needs of any woman seeking assistance regardless of color, or national origin. CBCF provides services to women facing financial challenges. 

Our Programs

1. Financial Support

We provide support to breast cancer patients, and their families, facing hardship during treatment. This can be used to cover: medical bills, testing, insurance co-payments, transportation, lodging, utilities, etc.

2. Educational Program

This program provides breast cancer and breast health education to women, with an emphasis on the importance of early detection through:

- One on one education for patients and their families.

- Breast cancer education via YouTube.
- Community Health Fairs.
- Group presentations (Churches, support groups, local associations, women's shelters etc.)

3. Mammogram Initiative

To support our mission, we partner with non-profit organizations in the local Houston area to provide free or low cost mammograms and diagnostic breast care services to the uninsured, underinsured and underserved.  

Other Services

Community Resources
We provide information about  resources available in their community for breast cancer patients and assist persons in accessing these resources.

Community Outreach Programs.

  • Annual Health Fair and Walk-a-Thon.  This community outreach aims to provide the opportunity for health education in the form of a health fair.  Health care personnel from local hospitals are onsite to provide cancer education to the participants.  Nurses conduct blood pressure screening and glucose testing.  Participants are also welcome to participate in a short walk.  Also at the event, breast cancer survivors use this opportunity to share their experience with the public to further raise awareness about the disease, and provide support to each other.
  • Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month Activity.  This event provides a forum to educate the public regarding breast cancer through testimonials of those who have had the illness, or have had a family with the illness. A Healthcare Professional is invited to present specific education on breast cancer.  Educational material on breast cancer and breast cancer screening is also made available to persons in attendance.  
  • Focus Group Education.  

Caribbean Breast Cancer Foundation Inc

Phone:  7281-845-9680
Email Us:  caribbeanbreastcancer@gmail.com

The Caribbean Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) is a Texas non-profit organization founded by Dr. F. Paula Abraham, DrPH, RN, Nurse Epidemiologist and breast cancer survivor.  CBCF is the first Caribbean breast cancer organization established in the Houston area.  It is governed by an all volunteer Board of Directors, dedicated to the vision and mission of the organization, with Dr. Abraham serving as the Executive Director. Having gone through breast cancer treatment herself, Dr. Abraham believes that her journey can be an inspiration to many, and will enable her to make a significant contribution to the health and well-being of women. She has a strong conviction that at the end of the day, what really matters is that she is remembered as someone who made a difference.
CBCF is committed to helping women get well and stay well, and will not ignore the needs of any woman seeking assistance but will extend its support as appropriate. CBCF will implement creative strategies to raise funds for the organization and may include luncheons, walks and other activities.  CBCF will form collaborative partnerships with other local organizations to address the issues that impact the underserved and uninsured population in the Houston area.

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Dr. F. Paula Abraham

Breast Cancer Survivor.

Welcome to The Caribbean  Breast Cancer Foundation Inc.