Welcome to The Caribbean  Breast Cancer Foundation Inc.

Consetta Abraham, RN BSN, Treasurer.

Mrs. Abraham has an extensive background in Nursing,  She specializes in Womens Health with a focus in Obstetrics.  At the age of 21 she became a Registered  Nurse  and further pursued advance studies to become a practicing Nurse- midwife  in England.  She later moved to Carlifornia and then to Texas where she obtained a Certification  in obstetrics and a Bachelor 'of Science in Nursing. She has lost several family members to various cancers and appreciate the Caribbean Breast Cancer Foundation for the opportunity to heighten awareness among the women regarding this disease.  Ready to Serve is her Motto. 

Dr, F. Paula Abraham, CHAIR

Dr. Abraham is the Founder & Executive Director of The Caribbean Breast Cancer Foundation Inc.  She serves the organization with passion, and under her leadership the organization has been successful in providing education, financial support, emotional support and other forms of assistance to breast cancer patients and their families.

Dr. Abraham has an extensive nursing background specializing in Infection Control and Epidemiology.  She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, and her Masters and Doctoral Degrees from UT School of Public Health in Houston, specializing in International and Family Health, Disease Control and Epidemiology.

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Gertrude Florent, Secretary

Mrs. Florent has many years of experience as an Administrative Assistant and Office Director.   She obtained her BSC in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.  In her position she has performed administrative services for highly productive and accomplished professors, judges and lawyers.  She has worked with special projects that require special skills and demands. She has good  data collection and typing skills.  Coordinated and kept accurate budget information; worked closely with grants and contracts. 

Mrs. Florent stands ready to apply her skills and professional experiences as an administrative assistant and office director to help the organization achieve its objectives.​

Virginia St. Hilaire, BSBM, Assistant Treasurer/Bookkeeper.

Mrs. St, Hilaire has over twenty years working and managing Accounts Payable along with systems implementations.  She is a leader in the finance industry, who has successfully overseen and managed the accounts payable departments.  Her extensive knowledge in the accounting field, strong leadership skills, attention to detail, and reliability has enabled her to meet the objectives of the entities that she has served.  She graduated from Seneca College with an Associate Degree Accounting, the Toronto School of Business with a Degree in Accounting & Computers and from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Science - Business Management.